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In Abietis, we approach the mountainsides of Mnenos. As we get closer, we see a beaming-golden light shining beyond the fog ahead. Wild beetlesteeds graze on the purposefully-planted Hericium blossoms from the main organism, known as Hericium Regnum. It is a clear and beautiful sight for anyone to see the symbiotic relationship between the Ancient Trees of Mnenos and the Mushroom Kingdom, one that has taken millennia to perfect.

The might and power of Hericium, growing and feeding on the granted remains of the Trees of Mnenos, are among the forces that threaten the existential identity of the Qyo-Kylyy Canyon Religion to the south.

As beautiful and elegant as the Kingdom is, Hericium shows itself as the dominant biological species upon The Body Incarnate. Perhaps this is why Qyo never considered their close Fulgen neighbor to their North during the Roses of War; that, and their neural-connection with the network of spores connecting the Trees.