In an ancient time, a powerful kingdom grew to its initial greatness and ruled the mountainous lands all across Her Body Incarnate. After eating the crisped corpses of life forms long forgotten, Hericium Hephaestus became the first massive biological force to ever be recorded, so much so that Hephaestus threatened to eat too much to allow anything more to grow. Hericium Hephaestus became weaker, and according to legend, had a revelation from Her Body Incarnate, the personified planet in a single sentient form of light. 

She made a deal with Hephaestus that he must give his body back to the smaller forces of the world, to which the old Mushroom God eventually agreed. Over thousands of years, Hephaestus gave itself to the whim of Her Body Incarnate, and fed the insect beasts until they grew to be the formidable animals the Kylyy know and associate with today.

In order to have a complete discussion of Qyo-Fulgen relations and conflicts, it would be detrimental to ignore the thriving city-wide blonde fungi kingdom of the Hericium. The Kingdom of Hericium is responsible for providing nutritious fungal fruit that beetlesteeds and other consuming insect-beasts in the Mnenos forests just North of Dakukad. It is said that the Hericium once had

In these recordings, we hear the emanating vibrations of the incredibly massive Fulgen Kingdom. What we hear is Hericium working, growing and reproducing en masse. The elegant mass of beauty has learned to both grow and split their consciousness into smaller transmittal nodes to communicate with Hericium Regnum. Hericium is a full-Fulgen Kingdom, the envy of many people who dream of a family unit as close as this.

Blessed be thy Winter Solstice!

This year, spaceseer is offering all of our music for free for the remainder of the season (link in bio). All of our releases are now name-your-price, and all charitable purchases of any price will be donated to the Native American Rights Foundation. If you would like to make a donation directly, visit, and we urge those willing and able to do so. We will be posting our receipts to prove that your donation is securely transferred in full, and we thank any and all that purchase and/or download any of the music we have created over the last 5 years. This offer lasts until 12/31/2021. 

Thank you so much for supporting us through 2021! 

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