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Perhaps the most intriguing discoveries of the Late-Era Lipid explorers are the abandoned shells and pieces left by the ever-quickening mechanical pace of Kahryatt. Entire skulls with pieces broken, gutted, crumbled, bent or sometimes discarded entirely. Series of never-ending tape machines record the input of microphones and film-oxide sightstones that transmit the world around at any point to Central, the hypothesized headquarters of the Electric God, Kahryatt.

That which is discarded by the Electric God, becomes a blessing to all denizens of The Body that choose to accept the challenge to learn the wonders of Kahryatt's diabolical ways. The Lipids chose to accept this challenge, and this recording is a result of that choice as it is evidence of the goings-on in and around the Colossi Perpetual Factory, though that brought them to their death at the hands of the Qyo, who vehemently despise the thought of learning the ways of their massive enemy.

So the story rages on. Blessed be the Lipid Explorers who found the magic within the factories and recorded the knowledge of the Colossi, most of which is shared in all school systems in the Eastern Colonies to this very day.