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Recorded by a Lipid explorer to a wax cylinder, inspired by that of an early Colossi model, this is the finest example of aural hieroglyphic preservation of a Perpetual Factory. Along with rough drawings and fresco paintings inspired by the journal of the explorer, this cylinder, preserved in resin, was at some point copied and shared as a high-dollar export to other colonies in the Eastern Colonies. No one could deny that the Lipids invented, or copied the invention of, wax cylinder recording via microphone and small electric-pulse preamp, resulting in the technology being copied and adapted in literally every single walk of Kylyy and Fulgen life.

The result is a chaotic study of mechanical hits, presses and metallic cuts that build and repair the Colossi, the accursed mindless sentinels of The Electric God.

Countries have studied the recording to plan for in-factory bombings, as the rhythmic alignments eventually