1. Feral Moon

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Feral Moon

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Approximate year 307. Found in the recorded rings of the trees North beyond Qyo's military outposts. A priestess, whose name is banished to history, is given an in-depth re-evaluation after the discovery of her words are found transcribed within the surrounding trees in the bitter and deadly darkness of the Deep Sarracene Wastes. With the bias of Qyo recording translations, this is a fine example of a field recording in early history.

Written, performed, produced by spaceseer

spaceseer at the time of this recording consists of:
Nathan Curtis Richardson - Guitar
Christopher Robert Andreasen - Bass, Synth, Drum Programming

Nerva the Banished Priestess performed by Raven Jezzannah (ig: @jezzannah65

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Robert Andreasen

spaceseer uses Fender, Moog, Arturia, Sunn O))), Vox, Mutable Instruments, Make Noise, Doepfer Electronics, and Elektron for their transmitting of messages from another time in space.


I call out to the Grace of Her Body.
Please forgive my abandon.
For only she knows my intent
And only her forgiveness do I beg.

A voice calls to me from the North.
and I hear it as Hers Divine
My doctrine tells me these voices are false,
and only offer damnation

My faith is lost within me.

Within temptation, I exile beyond our Blessed Canyon
To hear the voices of the trees
The trees speak with daunting stillness
How I shake in their presence

My frailty, once a burden of devotion,
Now mocked by the wilderness
They say that I have died in these woods
once before
And again will I perish at the foot of the nurturing pines

I, Nerva the Banished Priestess of Qyo, die now as before, starved in the search for Her Truth
And I die in fear, in dark, in Faith.