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The Legendary Climb of Celastra Campsis - 564 (approximate):

In which a woman strays from her tilling to climb a figure within the mountains she has seen and curiously observed every morning for years. When her worried siblings find Celastra overgrown and perched at the peak of this particular mountainside, she tells them: “I saw in this mountain concealed the enemy of our ruin. My voice is too weak to awaken it, nor do I possess the strength to enact revenge for our Commumind’s weeding, but I felt ordained to scale this cliffside and offer my wavering stance to The Body atop the sleeping imposter.” After telling this to her siblings, Celastra’s brother hands her a spear with a meteorite tip. She cuts a node with blossom growth from her epidermis and ties it around its handle, and shoves the javelin point into an exposed crack at its flattened top, otherwise known has the head of the Colossi. This is known to the Qyo-Kylyy as the first ever evidence of a warrior martyr, the first to recognize a dormant sentinel of Kahryatt and claim it as vanquished by the plant-people.
While there is much to be speculated about the earliest memories of kylyy sentience, a combination between generational storytelling and the Campsis family themselves have helped to secure this as a mostly-factual event.

“The Climb” would be regarded as an instinctual phenomena, studied by philosophers and scientists the world of The Body over.

Guin, one of the earliest writer-philosophers, spoke of the phenomena known as ‘The Climb’ in a short recorded rumination: ‘As we stood taller outside the sacred soils, and as our nodes tightened and turned for movement, so too did our limbs stretch skyward. It is our every whim to face the sun, our every motive justified for the climb. It is our nature to pull ourselves higher, for our own sustenance of course, but even moreso that we stand tall above our enemies, in order to be noticed by The Body Herself.’

This early story showcases the early and learning spirit of the Kylyy vs. the unperturbed, ruthless and powerful Colossi, which will solidify into the Qyo-elite lust for conquest over the mysterious Electric God, Kahryatt. Whether as a religious point of inspiration or a secular understanding of the Qyo doctrine of toppling their ancient electric enemy, in the name of Her Body Divine.