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released November 1, 2019

All music, lyrics and speech written by spaceseer. Recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by spaceseer.
Synthesizers, drum sequencing, keys, bass and vocals by spaceseer

Cover art by spaceseer


Early this morning, a shuttle lifted off aimed at the moon
This wasn't the first time we left to see Auntie Luna
A brilliant engineer built a bio-electro-thermal rocket
Edithcolea Grandis, interplanetary pioneer

They wouldn't want you to know that a millennium ago
Edith was stranded on the surface of the rocky satellite
Abandoned by the Qyo world powers that sent her there
Stricken by fear of her hard-earned grand perspective

She could see The Body now as she saw the moon before
A pale pink coin against the cosmic blanket of stars

Stranded with no atmosphere she planted her rocket in a crater
Rationed the vapor fuel tanks, optimized the solar petal array
With careful conditioning, the roots of the booster grew into the damp terrae
Channels of vapor seeped through the vacuoles, seeds microbial life

Within the last thousand years, the astronaut brought life to the moon
Fashioned the hull of the vessel into a motherland observatory
Never slept until the task was done
An empire of one
Your move, Kahryatt, and Qyo-Kylyy.