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Bloomed to life, bred for the cause
To fight the soulless constructs
I hope to be the first to topple one
To be the one to bring peace
To the Qyo-Kylyy Commumind

The Electric God, Kahryatt
Hollowed every mountain
For an army of monolithic drones
With Copper Veins, iron-oxide tape relay
Driven by a single mind
Dominates the plains
To be everywhere
All at once

We were torn from our unity
The Qyo-Kylyy Commumind
By Kahryatt's hands of doom
Tossed aside

Rooted Hate Entangles Copper Veins
(Boquet cavalry, from the Monos divine, sent to die)
Rooted Hate Entangles Copper Veins
(I can’t breathe without my beetlesteed, out in this basin)