1. Press Matters

Finding commonality can be the key to opening doors between wildly different peoples upon first contact. "A Thread Between Friends" is the first of many aural transmissions, translating stories of pasts and futures (alternate, fabricated and otherwise) of sentient characters that are destined to cross paths and communicate. We dedicate this debut to all friends new and old (close and abroad), for sharing their mortalities with one another. We hope you continue to do so, before it is too late.

spaceseer: synths, electric bass guitar, percussion programming, machine ambience, tibetan singing bowl

Synths tracked in a lizard's den in Mesa.
Electric bass guitar tracked in blessed classrooms at Tempe and Gilbert.
Percussion programmed between all of the above.
Machine ambience tracked in a viper's pit in Lindon (where press really matters).
recorded at the late Spider House Studios in Provo.

Mixed at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences by spaceseer.

mastered within warm-cold mountain-arms on spaceship, utah by spaceseer.

Artwork by Katya Fullmer and spaceseer. Logo by Kat Solstice and spaceseer.

Many thanks to all our friends for aiding in this piece's fruition.